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What is 50 Futures?

50 Futures is here to give work experience opportunities to the people in our communities who find it most difficult to get a job. We're offering a variety of high quality work placements across the different teams in the council. Who can join 50 Futures?

We're looking for job seekers who:
• live in Middlesbrough
• are aged 16 or over
• aren't in education, employment, or training.

What will I get?

Our work placements are really valuable. You'll get experience of a real work environment - whether that's an office, outdoors, or in the community - and you'll learn from qualified and experienced staff. Even just meeting new people can help open up a network of opportunities. A work placement will strengthen your CV, and getting experience of real job roles and their requirements can help improve your job prospects. You'll also be supported throughout your placement by one of our trained advisors, who work specifically with your age group (16 to 29, or over 30).

What can I do?
50 Futures is offering roles in these eight occupational areas:

1. Adults
We work to make sure that adults across the town are safe and have access to the right services to support them. We also make sure that older people, vulnerable adults, and people with a disability, are able to stay in their homes by carrying out work to make their houses safer.
• Agency Caseworker (Staying Put Agency)
• Agency Support Officer (Staying Put Agency)
• Contract Monitoring Assistant
• Handyperson Operative (Staying Put Agency)
• Support and Technical Officer (Staying Put Agency)

2. Business, culture, and communities (including adult education)
We support our communities, making sure people have safe and suitable places to live, helping them to learn and to be ready for work, and making sure they have access to the right services to support them. We also support businesses through advice, networking, and promotion. We invest in the town to increase visitor numbers and the amount people spend, which in turn helps businesses.
• Business Researcher
• Classroom Assistant (adult education)
• Housing Growth Officer
• Job Club Assistant
• North East Migration Partnership Officer

3. Children, young people, and education (including apprenticeships)
We work to support children, young people, and families across Middlesbrough. We use Early Help to make sure that problems are seen early and we work with families to help them stop the problems getting worse. We support families who have a child with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We support children and young people (and their families) who have been involved in crime through the Youth Offending Service.
• Admin Assistant (Apprenticeships team)
• Admin Officer (Sensory Support team)
• Administrative Assistant (Youth Offending Service)
• Apprenticeship Assessment Assistant
• Business Admin Support (Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) team)
• Early Help Worker
• Office Administrator (Voice of the Child)
• Projects and Change Officer
• Support Worker (Youth Offending Service)

4. Council services
We have lots of services which are here to keep the council running - these internal services look after the council's finances, buildings, and employees. We also have many teams who work unseen to do the things which councils are legally required to do, like dealing with planning applications, and providing democratic support (for example, running elections and supporting councillors).
• Accounting Officer
• Administration Assistant (Legal Services)
• Asset Management Technical Officer
• Business Support Assistant
• Democratic Support Officer
• HR Assistant
• Public Health Programme Support
• Technical Support Assistant (Planning Services)

5. Environment, outdoor, and manual
Whether it's roads and pavements, grass and flowerbeds, traffic signals, parks, or bins, we're probably involved somewhere. We make sure roads are safe to drive on, the animals at Newham Grange Farm are fed and cleaned out, and litter is picked up.
• Area Care Operative
• Business Officer
• Cleaning Support
• Fleet Services Officer
• Highway Maintenance Officer
• Highways Operative
• Mobile Cleaner
• Mobile Maintenance Support
• Parking and Traffic Officer
• Transport and Infrastructure Officer

6. Health and public safety
We work tirelessly to improve the health of Middlesbrough residents of all ages, from making sure babies get the best possible start in life, to breaking down taboos around cancer, to helping people and communities to be strong and resilient. We also protect the health of our residents in other ways too, working with food businesses to make sure they have good hygiene and safety practices, and preventing people from being harmed by dangerous, illegal, or counterfeit products. Our Street Wardens work to tackle antisocial behaviour to increase public safety, and environmental issues to improve the physical appearance of the town.
• Cancer Awareness Champion
• Community Builder (North Ormesby)
• Environmental Health/Trading Standards Service Officer
• Live Well Centre Facilities Support
• Public Health Support Assistant
• Public Health Support Assistant (with focus on children, young people and families)
• Public Health Support Assistant (with focus on nutrition, physical activity, and workplace health)
• Street Warden
• Workshop Technician

7. IT and digital
Our IT and digital teams keep the council's IT systems running, help teams to take their services online, and build and update websites to let residents access those services. We also work with Middlesbrough's valuable cluster of digital businesses at Digital City/the Boho Zone.
• Digital City Officer
• Digital Media Officer
• ICT Project Officer
• IT Service Desk Analyst

8. Public facing (customer service)
If you've ever visited one of our buildings then chances are you've met one of our public-facing staff. From being the first person you meet in our Customer Centre to selling tickets in our venues, they're often the first point of contact with residents and customers.
• Customer Advisor
• Customer service (Libraries and Community Hubs)
• Gym and Fitness Centre Support
• Public Health Wellbeing Support
• Registry Office Assistant
• Wellbeing Customer Service/Receptionist

Current vacancies
Business Admin Support - MCL
Business admin Support - Routes to Work
Sport and Physical Activity - Albert Park

Highways Operative - Highways and maintenance Operations
Fleet Services Operative - Highways and maintenance Operations
Street Lighting Operative - Highways and maintenance Operations
Operational Support - Highways and maintenance Operations

Service operative - Area Care
Equipment Cleaner -Tees Community Equipment Services
Cleaning Support Linked to Steps Towards
Classroom Support Alternative Provision
Admin Support - Lingfield
Classroom Support ESOL
Reception - Live Well Centre

To find out more;
Call: 01642 811400

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