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What is an apprenticeship?

It’s real a job with training.
Being an apprentice means that you have a job that includes gaining recognised qualifications
and essential skills whilst you are working and earning a wage.

Why Middlesbrough Community Learning?

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships within Middlesbrough Council, recruiting in excess of 100 apprentices annually.
We also recruit and deliver apprenticeships for many local, high quality employers within the Tees Valley.
We advertise all of our apprenticeship vacancies via the National Apprenticeship website, via social media and listed on our website below.

Apprenticeship vocations offered by Middlesbrough Community Learning

Business Administration
Business Administrators need a broad range of skills to work efficiently and to help increase business productivity.    Skills shortages identified by organisations include a lack of office and administration skills, customer-handling skills, technical and practical skills, oral communication skills and IT skills, all of which are covered within the Business Administration Apprenticeship.

Business administrator Standard Factsheet

Customer Service/Practitioner
Customer Service is what an organisation does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfaction.    A Customer Service Apprenticeship provides skills that are transferable across all sectors of industry and can be applied to many job roles.

Customer service practitioner Factsheet

Environmental Conservation
These qualifications are ideal for those completing an Environmental Conservation, Equine and Floristry Apprenticeship or an Environmental Conservation, Equine, Forestry and Floristry Advanced Apprenticeship, or for those who are working, or looking to work, in a range of land-based roles.

Environmental Conservation Framework Factsheet

Local Environmental Services
These practical qualifications develop and demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to maintain local outside spaces safely and efficiently and cover areas such as; clearing and landscaping horticultural sites, working with power tools, planting seeds, maintaining sports turf, specialist cleaners.    These are ideal for anyone working, or hoping to work, in maintaining parks, amenity areas and grounds, as a grounds men, estate management staff and outdoor cleaner.

Local Environmental Services Framework Factsheet

This qualification is designed to meet the skills needs of employers of all sizes.    It will attract new talent into management and will help to up-skill the workforce to replace those who leave or retire.    Level 3 apprentices will work in job roles such as team/section leaders, floor managers, help desk managers and trainee supervisors.    Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager apprentices will work in job roles such as first line, section, assistant or trainee managers and senior supervisors.

Operations - Departmental Manager Level 5 Standard Factsheet

Property Maintenance Operative
The primary role of a Property Maintenance Operative is to optimise property condition and quality and to ensure the building is kept in a safe working condition.    Property Maintenance Operatives need to maintain a high level of quality, providing maximum satisfaction to customers, clients, guests and team.    They will understand the mechanism of buildings including electrical, plumbing, plant, safety systems and equipment.    They will provide first and immediate response to fault finding, whilst maximising quality and ensuring cost effectiveness.    They will ensure prevention of major damage that could result in extensive costs and minimise reactive intervention.

Property maintenance operative Standard Factsheet

Public Service Operational Delivery Officer
Operational Delivery Officers have the vital job of keeping the country running.    They make sure that citizens get the services and protection they need, and help people understand what is available and what they need to do to comply with the rules.    Operational Delivery Officers make a difference every day to the lives of millions of people.    They do hundreds of jobs in most departments and agencies in central government.    They also work in local government, delivering services for towns, cities, boroughs or counties.

Public service operational delivery officer Standard Factsheet

Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools (Teaching Assistant)
This apprenticeship programme aims to prepare apprentices to support the teacher and the delivery of the curriculum within a school, as well as developing skills to help children and young people to develop self-esteem, independence and to acquire the skills of learning.

Teaching assistant Standard Factsheet

L2 Hospitality Assistant
Hospitality team member Standard Factsheet

L2 Warehousing
Supply chain warehouse operative standard Factsheet

L3 Safety Health and Environment
Safety, Health and Environment Technician Standard Factsheet

L3 Events Assistant
Event Assistant Standard Factsheet

L3 Junior Content Producer
Junior content producer Standard Factsheet

L3 HR Assistant
HR Support StandardFactsheet

L5 Rehabilitation Worker Visual Impairment
Rehabilitation Worker (Visual Impairment) Standard Factsheet

L3 Team leader - supervisor
Team leader - supervisor Level 3 Standard Factsheet

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