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               Community Learning

Throughout Middlesbrough a wide range of learning opportunities are available in many locations, including local community and learning centres, libraries. We work in partnership with a whole host of partners offering a varied and exciting offer to people interested in learning something new.

Learning is about giving everybody the chance to continue learning, whether for formal qualifications, to develop a personal interest or hobby, to learn new skills, to brush up on old skills, or just for fun.

There are so many learning opportunities available to you - you really can learn throughout your whole life here in Middlesbrough so come on and be part of it!

We Offer

Family Learning

Being a parent is hard work, requires many skills and lots of patience!

If you are a parent and want to support with your child then we offer a range of courses in schools and community hubs including:
• Parenting classes
• Family English
• Music and rhyme time
• Steps Towards being a Classroom Assistant
• Steps towards being a Lunchtime supervisor

Support for Schools

We work in partnership with many schools in Mbro to help parents support learning. If you would like to engage parents we offer an exciting range of family learning courses to support parents to support learning.
Supporting community groups, clubs and societies-please contact us to see how we can help!

What our schools say:

We highly value our working relationship which ensures we can offer high quality family learning to our most vulnerable parents to improve outcomes for children and families accessing the Centre, School and wider local area” (Abingdon Primary & Children’s Centre)

“We have worked with MCLS for a number of years and have witnessed some great outcomes in terms of preparing parents for learning and to return to the labour market.” (Corpus Christi Primary School)

Courses to support you into work

The following short courses have been developed with employers and can lead to employment opportunities for those who are successful!

• Steps towards Health and beauty
• Steps towards working in the NHS
• Steps Towards Health and Social Care
• Steps Towards hospitality
• Steps Towards retail
• Steps Towards manufacturing and warehousing
• Steps Towards cleaning
• Steps Towards business administration

What our learners say
• 79% report a significant increase in confidence
• 76% feel their well being has improved significantly
• 73% are more aware of their own strengths and how to improve
• 82% have more about their future goals and ambitions

Working with

Learner Feedback

• This course has woken my inner self again and made me think, why did I give up!

• I can do it, I can achieveit, and I will do it!!!

• 6 months ago I thought my life was voer.... but now I feel life is just beginning

• They gave me the confidence to apply for jobs.... and I got one!!!!

• It was great to hear the tutor was a real life role model who had a young family and was managing to work and have a good work/life balance, that is what I want to aspire to

• I've discovered a whole new me, I've seen thimgs in myself that I thought weren't there.

• Once on the course I realised I had made the best decision of my life!

• After 10 years... I have a job