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               English, Maths & ESOL

Middlesbrough Community Learning offers a wide range of English, maths and ESOL courses from pre-entry level to level 2.
All English and maths courses are free if you haven’t already achieved a grade C at GCSE, most ESOL courses are also free if you are in receipt of benefit.

Our friendly and approachable staff will support you in your learning goals.
We keep our class sizes small so that we can focus on your needs and ensure you reach your full potential.

Our success rates in English, Maths and ESOL are currently above 91%.

Courses offered
• Entry level 1 to 3 Maths and English
• Level 1 Maths
• Level 1 English
• Level 2 Maths
• Level 2 English

ESOL non accredited course
• ESOL Pre Entry
• ESOL Entry 1
• ESOL Entry 2
• ESOL Entry 3
• ESOL Level 1

"Normally I’d switch off but not in this class” “It’s not boring there is lots of activities"

“ Before the course I had low self esteem but now I can see lots of opportunities”

"Before I started coming to the classes here I had very little confidence in myself. They've really helped me."

"I interested learning English because when I came in UK I couldn't understand and I couldn't speak English. When I go to GP and school's parents meeting I feel learning English is very important for me"

"I expected another typical government course but you proved me wrong. I told my adviser that I didn't want to go back to school but this has been completely different, and for the better. "

"I enjoy it (class). It doesn't feel like school. I enjoy learning. Due to the teachers approach, you feel at ease and confident, knowing that they are behind you to achieve your goals "

"I like my English class because I want to learn new things. The teachers are easy to understand. I enjoy the time meeting the people of different cultures as you can feel lonely sometimes. "

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