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               Learner Support

Support for your learning.

There is a range of learning support available to students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties at Middlesbrough Community Learning.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all.
We welcome applications from people with a learning difficulty, learning disability or any additional support need. We work to provide additional resources, facilities and services to enable all students to achieve.

What support can we offer?

Following an assessment of your learning needs and requirements, we will look at an individualised plan to support you.

Examples of the type of support include:

• Support from learning support assistants in and out of the classroom
• Specialist support for dyslexia
• Specialist support for those with social and emotional needs
• Communication Support Workers (BSL) for those with a hearing impairment
• Specialist support for those with a visual impairment
• Access arrangements for exams
• Small group workshops and dedicated study areas
• Mobility support
• Access to assistive technology equipment and software
• Adaptation/modification of learning materials into an accessible format

Young people with special educational needs

We work in close partnership with Middlesbrough Council SEND & Vulnerable Learners Team to ensure that the services we provide meet the expectations of the SEND Code of Practice and the needs of people in our local community. To find out more about the services available locally for young people with special education needs please visit: