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Volunteers make a huge contribution to ​Middlesbrough Council​ and are a critical part of how the council serves the wider town, and its residents.
Across the council, over 600 volunteers help us with everything from preserving the town’s archives, to supporting people with some really challenging social issues through our Community Hubs.
As the council moves forward and changes shape, working with volunteers will be an increasingly important way of ensuring that we continue to engage closely with our communities, drive service improvements and bring in new ideas.
As well as the value to the council, it is also important for us to recognise the way that volunteering can make such a difference to individuals, through increased confidence, learning new skills and forming new relationships.
Over the coming years we will continue to work closely with our fantastic volunteers to provide the support that makes us stronger together.

How can I ​BE PART OF IT:​

H​ere at MCL we will guide you through the volunteering process to ensure that you have access to the right volunteering opportunitiy that meets your needs. Please visit the council website for an up to date list of current opportunities or speak to a member of our team for further information.

Friends groups Volunteering Opportunities

​Wherever you live you will be quite close to a Friends Group looking after and conserving the green spaces and water features which abound in the Borough
The Friends groups are always looking for new members to help out over one or perhaps two days a week. No previous experience is necessary.

To apply visit Middlesbrough Council's website or contact the Friends group for an informal chat.

List of Friends of Groups in Middlesbrough

Friends of Blue Bell Beck ;   Contact:    Mr Austin Cairns
 (01642) 279733.     Friendsbluebell

Friends of Boro Becks    Contact:    Jim Moody       BoroBecks

Friends of Fairy Dell    Contact:   Chairman,    David Everitt
 01642300355 ;

Friends of Linthorpe Cemetary and Natures Reserve    Contact:    Group Secretary
 07501357485 ;

Friends of Natures World

Friends of Stainton and Thornton Green Spaces    Contact:    Group Chairman,    Alan Liddle
 01642 598234    Stainton Quarry, Cedarwood Glade, Stainton, Middlesbrough, TS9 9DL

Friends of Sudbury Pond ;   Contact:    Chairman,    Bob Mullen ;